Sunday, August 1, 2010

What people are saying

People have been asking how my practice shoot with the SIG SAUER went this week.  Here's what I know.  The SIG SAUER may have been the weapon I was hoping to show off in my next dream with David Trevellyan, but it turned out to be too heavy for my wrist and the trigger pull was too long. My husband had me try his Beretta .40 caliber which is much lighter and has a shorter trigger pull.  It suited me perfectly.  The following image will show you just how much I improved after changing my weapon choice. That's right, people.  I hit dead center!!! Looks like I'm ready to do my part in saving my most beloved character in my dreams!  I'm still waiting for the dream to be rewritten.


Thanks for the email, but I have already started my day reading your blog. I've already decided the same thing, that I need to start my days reading your blog!! Have a great day!!!  Ginger B.

I know I sound like a broken record when I say this, but thank you once again for your willingness to help out anytime a need comes up. You are an incredible asset to me and I very much appreciate all that you do.
(…and now the blogs are just an added bonus!)   Pam S.--Pam is my supervisor, and yes, she really does call me Grasshopper.  I call her, Master.

You are very eloquent in your thoughts and imagination. You are something else, friend. Very descriptive, imaginary, adept to what is going on. WRITE THAT BOOK!!!  Christine H.--sorry friend, but I don't have an interest in writing a book.  Plus- I might get sued for trying to make money talking about all these writers and characters.

And a big THANKS goes to Leah for telling her father about my blog and letting him know about the David Trevellyan series by Andrew Grant.  I have no doubt he'll love them! 

It looks like this little blog is starting to work!

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