Saturday, July 31, 2010

What was that about?

The book I'm about to read must be really, really good because I just had a dream about it last night, and I haven't even read the first page. It hasn't even been purchased yet. I have an idea of what its about, but for the most part, I've been trying to stay away from the Barnes & Noble over-written reviews. This is what happened in my dream. I promise to clarify the facts that I know about the book at the end. Are you ready? My dream starts-NOW!

I was sitting at the kitchen table in my neighbors house when I noticed a copy of CRASHERS by Dana Haynes sitting on the table. The conversation went a little like this-

"Are you reading this book, CRASHERS?"
"No, we bought it for Ethan."
"Why would you buy this book for Ethan? He's only ten."
"We assumed it was about puzzles because of the front cover."
"Well, it isn't."
As my neighbor continues to talk, I pick up the book to look at it. The first thing I notice is that there are children's illustrations inside. They are very colorful pictures. One illustration is of a plane crash site. The ground is charred and black and there are jagged metal pieces scattered on the ground. In the middle of the picture is a man wearing a dark jacket with the letters NTSB on it. He's holding a baby Jesus. I know! A baby Jesus! And that's not even the first thing I'm worried about when I see the picture. My first thought was about the Barnes & Noble lady with the advance copy that I wrote about in my last post. I remember thinking to myself, that out of everything she wrote, she never once mentioned that this was a children's book with colorful illustrations and big print. No wonder she found the book easy to read and finished it in one day. She never mentioned baby Jesus, either. That woman vexes me. Then I woke up and laughed!
What I can tell you about CRASHERS is that this is not a children's book with colorful illustrations and big print. I'm fairly confident baby Jesus plays no role in this book, or at least I don't believe he's being rescued at a crash site by a member of the NTSB. I can also tell you that this book is going to be awesome because I've already dreamt about it and because the writer is from Oregon. I'm from Oregon, so that means Dana Haynes already gets a star from me!


Leah said... question is this...why are there children's pictures inside? I'm going to and see what she wrote about it.

Sabrina Ogden said...

Leah-this was a dream---didn't you catch that part?

Leah said...

I did cathch that part...I just got caught up in the story...It's more a matter of reader dysfunction...

Sara said...

Oh, crack me up! You just made my Monday a little brighter.