Friday, July 30, 2010

Things You Should Know...

It would be unthinkable of me to continue with this blog without reading books suggested to me by a literary agent in New York. To do so would be insulting, especially when she made it a point to tell me that we like to read the same things. I'm even willing to put aside my shame and embarrassment about my ignorance to GOOGLE ALERT! I spent days crying and being sick to my stomach when I realized that they probably new about this blog the day I created it, which also means, they are probably more than aware of the short lived blog I created under the name of Kate Dahson. My head hangs in shame...just thinking about it makes me want to puke! Nonetheless, I'm taking on a personal challenge of reading a newly released book this weekend and hope to feature it here some time next week. I've spent the last few days reading book reviews on Barnes & Noble and other book sites in the hope that I can improve on my book reporting skills. The following are two things I promise not to do when featuring a book-
1. I promise to never write a book review that is 4 1/2 paragraphs long and does nothing but regurgitate what has already been written about a book. To do so would be extremely annoying. There is a reason why there are quotes by real critics already on the cover of a new book. The books have already been read, people. By serious book critics. You rewriting a synopsis of a book that tells me everything there is to know about the book only makes me not to want to read it. Instead, I promise to feature a book only if I like it and can apply it to my daily life experiences. If I don't like a book I read, you will never know that I've read it. To talk about a book in a negative way is cruel and unnecessary. I'm here to assist authors in their talents, not crush their dreams. And the fact that they have an agent-well, it kind of means something to me.
2. If I am ever a member of the elite group of readers that is fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy of a book; YOU WILL NEVER READ ABOUT IT IN MY BOOK FEATURE! To do such a thing is just plain mean and suggests you are a bragger. There is one particular book reviewer that is all over the Barnes and Noble web page...she's apparently received an advance copy of the book I plan to feature. She wrote that she received it early and did exactly what I promised I won't do in promise #1. You know who you are, lady. Stop doing this! You might want to consider this: if you didn't buy the book, why should I?
Other things you should know:
1. I am not a book critic. I am, however, a very lovely woman living in Salt Lake City sharing my experiences with reading.
2. I'm aware that I used the word "hell" in a previous post. My husband approved the content.
3. I'm also aware that the JR Ward web link you can find on my blog contains adult content. Please feel free to click out of the link at any time. Telling me about it won't make me remove it from my blog.
4. I DO NOT have a working relationship with Janet Reid. I've never met her. Sending e-mails to my Gmail account suggesting that I tell her about your query will not help you. I don't even know what a query is.
5. Please feel free to leave improvement suggestions at - only after you've read my profile. Kindness is always appreciated!


jchrz said...

U go girl.

Sara said...

You crack me up! I like the fact that you can stick up for your opinions. That's why we love you!

Leah said...

I don't know that it would be so bad to give a review of a book, even if you didn't like it. It would add an extra dimension to the blog. far as movies go, sometimes the movies I like the best are the ones that have gotten bad reviews. So, even if you don't like a book and give it a bad review, it doesn't mean that it will keep people from reading it. We all have different tastes...and I always LOVE your take on things!

Sabrina Ogden said...

Leah-I guess I must still feel bad about the series you gave me to read about those mages on some far distant island. The men were totally hot- but they ended up being a little creepy too. I told you they weren't worth reading and you haven't even moved them from the bag on your desk in 3 months...I'm still embarrassed to admit I read them, which is why they never made it to my 2010 book list on this blog. I MIGHT reconsider my position.