Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Does Lee Child Know...

how much I love reading about Reacher?  Does he know that I'm obsessed beyond reason?  Would he be surprised if I told him my husband has band me from reading these books on the weekend, and that I sneak them in the house and read them when Richard is asleep or in the shower?  I don't even remember the day Jack Reacher became a constant thought in my head or when I decided that all my current doings had to be centered around the dreaded question- what would Reacher do?  I just know that it happened and I'm willing to live with it and do any and all things within my power to make other women that I know read these books and become a Reacher thinker like me.  I'd consider myself a Reacher Creature-but I'm afraid the original creatures might not accept me since I'm still a newbie to the world of all things Reacher related.  I haven't even met Lee Child yet.  I don't have a signed copy of a book.  I learned about Lee Child while searching a website about my most favorite writer, his brother, Andrew Grant.  I have a long road ahead of me before I gain true acceptance, but I'm trying.  I have whizzed through all the games you can find on the Reacher/UK web page. I found Reacher before I had even started book six in the series.  Doesn't that score me some points?  I also bought my first hardback Reacher book yesterday and I'm signing up for Bouchercon 2011.  While my husband is thankful that I've found my own "passionate" hobby, I search through the Lee Child Forum on his web page secretly wishing I could be Webmaven Maggie for a day.  Reacher has become a permanent fixture in my soul.  There is no going back now!
What more can I say?  If my obsession with Reacher hasn't enticed you into reading these books then let me share some little known facts that will be sure to secure a place in your mind for this incredible man.

Name:  Jack Reacher
Measurements: 6'5", 220-250 lbs., 50" chest  (that's right, 50 inch chest!)
Hair: Dirty-blond
Eyes: Ice blue

Reacher left home at 18 and attended West Point.  After graduating, he served in the Army for thirteen years and "mustered out" as a major.  You don't even want me to tell you about his service awards.  Let's just say this man is everything a man should be and leave it at that. He currently loves to wander around the US-only because moving has always been a part of his life.  He's a lover and a fighter; two things that are essential and totally acceptable in Reacher's world.  I don't think he'll ever settle down, which certainly can't be a bad thing.  I mean, come on, I might find him wandering the streets of Magna one day and get to take him home with me.  Okay, so Richard probably wouldn't allow that.  But still- anything is possible, right?

I'm starting book nine in the Reacher series and have posted the book cover on my blog. Ladies, you have to read these books.  We are all Reacher worthy!  At least Richard says my eyes and butt are...That's right;  I'm Reacher worthy, baby!


Leah Anderson said...

I want to be Reacher-worthy!!!

Kate Dahson said...

Count me in. I'll reach for REACHER any time. Wooo hooo!!!! Another book that i will be looking for in the bookstore. Thanks for the great enthusiastic info.

jchrz said...

Well he sounds pretty amazing and apprently his book are too. Can't wait to read them.

Sara said...

Count me in!

gbeck said...

OK, OK, you've convinced me. I need to read a book about Reacher!