Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Writing Contest

I know, I know...what is happening to me?  I told Leah about another dreaded writing contest and she insisted that I set to out embarrass myself once again!  I'm so glad I don't take myself seriously.


Your story MUST start with this sentence: Janet was early. **
Your story MUST end with this sentence: Of course, she didn't know that.
Your story must be 100 words or less

Are you ready for my story?  This one is pretty hysterical...totally me.  This is not based on any event from my personal life.  I would never read a book like this at church.

Janet was early. She was the only Mormon on the block that didn’t follow Mormon standard time. Why she bothered to be punctual at all annoyed her. The Bishop had scheduled her meeting for 12:00 sharp, but even Janet knew it was a polite way of saying 12:30. Under the impression that this was just a social visit, Janet pulled out her copy of Lover Mine, by J.R. Ward and started reading it to fill the time. This was her only vice. Unfortunately, the Black Dagger Brotherhood was the reason for the visit. Of course, she didn’t know that.


jchrz said...

I love it, you need to keep this writing thing up. I think you have found your true calling.

Sara said...

Very good! I want to hear the rest of the story. You are so clever.

angelabarra99 said...

I love reading all your post but the book ones make me smile

Stephanie said...


gbeck said...

What a great story. I hope you keep entering writing contests and letting us read your entries.