Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Letter to Lee Child

Dear Mr. Child-

Remember me?  I'm the crazy lady from Salt Lake City that planned my entire vacation around your two book signings in New York. It wasn't easy getting through this series. I started to panic after book seven. But now that I've finally caught up with all of the Reacher books, I thought I'd drop you a little note to let you know just how thankful I am that you've chosen writing as a career. I also wanted to let you know how inspiring your character, Jack Reacher, has been in my life.

Thanks to Jack Reacher I have been able to define my very existence around my "Reacher worthiness." It's true.  Ever since you spoke about Roscoe's eyes and her "ass"  in Reacher's debut novel, Killing Floor, I have been obsessed with making sure that I am doing everything I can to be seen in such a favorable light.  You can read about this turning point in my life here.  I'm not embarrassed by this turning point and I have no problem admitting that I doubled my workouts to look "extra Reacher worthy" for you (I mean, Jack) on my trip to New York and created a Reacher Worthy Status Chart to measure my progress with.  

I've also found myself in meetings comparing gospel principle lessons on Sunday to Jack Reacher, as well.  You can read about that experience here.  I've since started calling them "Reacher moments' and I'm happy to tell you that I'm not the only one that has them.  My Reacher moments are famous at work. In fact, I was so upset that others weren't experiencing them with me that I devoted an entire blog post to encourage my friends to read the books with me. It became my mission. It also showcased how difficult it is to balance marriage and Reacher.

Did you know I taught my coworkers the importance of following the "Reacher said nothing" rule?  Well, I did and it's a great post that clearly shows the importance of being taught this lesson early in life.  I also taught them the importance of not being selfish. You have no idea how difficult this lesson is for me. I still struggle with the thought of my Reacher books coming back damaged.  Oh! The thought totally makes me sick.  I also told them stories of my attempt to develop an internal clock, and showcased Reacher's "four in the morning theory" as well as his knowledge of rats.  And I can't forget his math wisdom.  Seriously, Reacher's math knowledge made me look at passwords in a whole new way! Reacher is a true genius.

With all that being said, there is one scene that still haunts my dreams at night, and it goes back to the very first book.  If I could be any character in any book...I would choose to be Officer Roscoe.  Mr. Child, I would have stepped on that bus. I would have stepped on that bus with nothing but the clothes on my back and I would have memorized every moment, every touch, and every word in the short time I had been given with Jack. The ending of that book broke my heart. And even though I know it never would have lasted longer than a week...I still would have gone. My job would have still been there. My political aspirations would have still been successful. I would have left it all behind for just a few days, and I would have stepped on that bus.   There would have been no cause for Reacher to have tears in his eyes for a hundred miles because I would have stepped on that bus.

So, with all that being written...I just want to say thanks for choosing writing as a career and for giving me so many topics to write about these last few months.  It really has been fun and my coworkers have enjoyed every minute of it.  I'm looking forward to the next Reacher novel and I'm really hoping we get a chance to meet again.  Remember when I accidentally told you that I loved you at Borders on Broadway in New York?  Well, I'm starting to think there might have been some truth to that after all.  You are, after all, an "amazing man with the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen in a picture..."  and they are just as amazing in person, too. Thanks again for the friendship on Facebook.

Warmest regards-
Sabrina Ogden

And the winner of the signed copy of Worth Dying For by Lee Child is... Cindy Westover!  Not only did you capture my thoughts, but you seem to know Reacher quite well just from reading my blog!

Oh my dear Katie please don't be so blue.
For I'm here in your dreams just waiting for you.
Your eyes are still worthy, your soul still complete,
with qualities like that you'll never be beat.
So dab at the dribbles falling from your beautiful eyes,
Because Jack Reacher has never been good at good-byes.


Sara said...

I think that the poem blog was a lot of fun. Congrats to Cindy on winning the book! I think that is a very nice letter you wrote to Mr. Child; hopefully he will notice your appreciation.

Christine said...

My thoughts exactly as Sara's. Congrats to Cindy and a great letter to Mr. Child. Thanks Sabrina/Kate.

Cathryn Grant said...

Although my husband is huge Lee Child fan, I've never read a Reacher book ... your post makes me think I should reconsider!