Monday, December 27, 2010

Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child

Just in case you're ever interested in planning a tactical assault, Reacher says it's been proven by the Soviets that the best time to attack is at four in the morning.  It has something to do with brain function being at its lowest activity level, or something like that. Well, whatever it is, I could have used this information back in high school. 

My senior year in high school a group of us decided it would be fun to toilet paper our Principal's house.  We were on good terms with the guy and we had nothing but the best intentions in mind; just a bunch of kids playing around is all. It was back in the day when camo attire was popular, so we dressed up in some camo gear and headed out for a night of fun. Things went pretty smoothly for us and we completed our task with little to no trouble.  I think we lost a couple of rolls of paper before using their full covering potential, but all in all, we did well for the short amount of time we spent on the task. 

I'm not quite sure if any of us were feeling guilty about our secret mission when we arrived at school the following Monday, but before first period would even begin, we would definitely have a change of heart.   It was shortly after we all noticed we were having difficulties with our lockers that we were summoned to the Principal's office.  Turns out Mr. Sharps is a war veteran and heard us the moment we stepped foot in his yard.  The first thing he did was grab his weapon.  The second thing he did was search for the enemy. He said his first images of us running around his yard in camo brought back memories he would rather have forgotten. He spoke to us of war flashbacks and how we should be more considerate of other peoples property. It was a great learning moment for all of us and I'm thinking  that even if the four in the morning stuff is a proven theory, my guess would be it wouldn't have worked in this situation or with any other war veteran I know.  I'm not a war veteran and even my background keeps me prepared at all times of the night.  Especially when I'm visiting my family in Oregon. Plus,  this little blogger is awake every morning at four. (I was trying to develop Reacher's internal clock trick.  I wanted to wake up every morning at five, but I'm originally from the West Coast and I'm thinking my internal clock isn't interested in Utah time.  It's probably the same reason why my brain still isn't able to figure out the state tax system.)

In Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child, Reacher is riding the New York subway late at night when  he spots a woman that he believes is a suicide bomber.  After a shocking turn of events and some pretty blunt accusations by local law enforcement, Reacher, partially out of guilt, is determined to  find out what exactly was happening in this woman's life to make her commit such a desperate act.  In the story you'll find out just how easily it is for government employees to be taken advantage of by terrorists posing as Afghan  war widows, learn that every so often an elected official has secrets that can actually hinder another country more than our own, forever be scarred by images of women slicing and dicing their way to confessions, see Reacher utilize the four in the morning theory with perfection, and be surprised by Reacher's incredible knowledge of rats. Rats? Yep, it's true.  Reacher likes rats.  I found it rather interesting myself.  It reminded me of all the useless information I have about cockroaches.  Hmmm,  I wonder if I could turn that into a blog post?

P.S.  I'm not sure who it is in the Netherlands that is in love with Andrew Grant, but don't think I'm not noticing how many times your clicking on that review of Even. You may have moved that post to third place, but you have a long, long, long way to go before you even come close to knocking Nick Heller out of the number one spot. Just sayin'! ;-)


dkn1 said...

After I finished this book, I wasn't sure if I would read another Reacher thriller. I enjoyed most of it but some of his herculean feats were hard for me to wrap my mind around. (I know it's fiction, lighten up). For Christmas Suzanne gave me a Nook. I know that is a four letter word to you Sabrina but I love it already. The first book I downloaded: 61 hours by Lee Child. I am enjoying the book and the nook so maybe you did get me hooked on Reacher after all.Now I'm thinking of looking for something by Andrew Grant. See what a good ambassador you are.

Sabrina E. Ogden said...

Yeah...I'm starting 61 Hours today. It'll be nice to compare notes with someone. You'll love the David Trevellyan series by my favorite man, Andrew Grant. If you don't, I'll take you to lunch and refund your money. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sara said...

I went toilet-papering...once. I nearly had a haeart attack! I have always been the good kid and never did anything that was against the rules, and before we went out, my friend's mom told us that if we got caught that she wasn't going to bail us out. A cop drove right by us and I ducked into some bushes. I'm such a wimp. You make me laugh, Sabrina/Kate.

angelabarra99 said...

the 4 am is good to know thats all i will say lol

Christine said...

Dear DKN and Sabrina Kate. Happy Santa gave you a NOOK for Christmas. I strongly suggest you download "EVEN" by Andrew Grant. Great reading and very thrilling and intense.
Sabrina/Kate, you definitely have set yourself a grueling reading calendar for 2011. Good Luck and keep up the good work. Lee Child is my next author.
I have just finished reading Sandra Grey's third novel in her series, which was very interesting and emotional. First time author in "TRAITOR". Great reading. Thanks Sabrina/Kate for keeping us up to date.