Monday, December 20, 2010

The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore

So, here we are a few days before Christmas and I'm finishing up my favorite holiday read of the year, The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore.  Well, I'm actually reading Version 2.0 which comes with a special bonus chapter.  A bonus you need a bonus chapter after reading this book.

This wonderful story takes you to the picturesque coastal town of Pine Cove, California where the citizens are being visited by Archangel Raziel who is hoping to earn his wings by coming to earth and granting the wish of a child.  Sounds warm and fuzzy until you realize that the little boy, Joshua, has just witnessed the murder of Santa and all he wants is Santa to come back from the dead. Yep, you guessed it.  There be zombies in this book!

In the story you'll find an Archangel that isn't very bright, a little boy that isn't any brighter, a behavioral field biologist using mice in what can only be described as a "male are stupid test," and lots of brain eating walking dead people. Oh...and a fruit bat. Can't forget the fruit bat.

You'll also read about the fight that killed Santa.  Hey men, have you read this book?  If you have, then you know now that you should never  thump a woman on the head with a flashlight when she's holding a shovel. 

The Stupidest Angel Version 2.0 comes with the following warning:

"If you are buying this book as a gift for your grandma or a kid, you should be aware that it contains cusswords as well as tasteful depictions of cannibalism and people in their forties having sex.  Don't blame me.  I told you." 

Hmmm...I didn't think the sex scenes were that bad.  He makes it sound like people in their forties can't do it correctly or something.  I personally consider this book a must read for any adult that doesn't mind cusswords, cannibalism and people in their forties having sex.  I apologize to my family and friends who disagree with me.  For them, I highly recommend A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  It's definitely more family oriented and there are several movie variations available for your viewing pleasure. 

Christopher Moore is the author of eleven novels, including the international bestsellers, Lamb, A Dirty Job and You Suck.  His latest novel is Fool, a retelling of King Lear from the perspective of Pocket, the Fool.


jchrz said...

This is the funniest book I have ever read. I laughed out loud through the majority of the book. The Stupiest Angel should be a defiantly holiday read for everyone. It will bring you such joy. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

angelabarra99 said...

FORTIES!!! u still do it in your forties lol;)

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely adore this book. Second only to LAMB as my favorite by Moore.

pamstam said...

The book is hilarious and something you'll want to share with your "stranger" relatives during the holiday season. Forget the fruit cake...I'm sharing a snickers bar with Raziel!

Sabrina E. Ogden said...

I have Lamb on my list to friend Pam says her mother loves all of these books. I'm thinking I should get my collection going on these, too!

Sara said...

Lol, oh make me giggle! I love fruit bats and the story sounds hilarious. My cousin raves about Christopher Moore. I think he's read all the books.

iubookgirl said...

Great review. Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal is one of my favorites. I'll have to check out this Christopher Moore book too!

gbeck said...

A funny Christmas book--I can't wait to read it. I just can't stand any more sappy stuff!! Thanks again for sharing with us and brightening the day for those of us who religiously read your blog.