Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas to my Favorite Men of 2010

wishing all of
my favorite male
fictional characters a
Scott Finn, my favorite Boston defense
attorney~The Black Dagger Brotherhood-The
Blind King~Vishous~Rhage~Butch~Rehvenge~Quinn~
Zhadist~John Matthew~Blaylock~Lassiter~Murhder~
Tohrment~Phury~, these are the men who named me Kate in my
dreams~Jack Cassian, a D.C. Officer with a nice bed-side
manner~Tom Kozlowski, Boston P.I.~Jack Reacher, seriously,
your blue eyes will forever haunt me~Lestat~Marrius~Tarquinn
Blackwood, some of my favorite men from The Vampire
Chronicles~Andrew Wallace Graham III, I still love how you met up with
 your wife on the bottom steps of your first apartment in New York
City~Vittorio~David Trevellyan, okay-so he’s more like a brother to me,
but my life wouldn't be the same w/out him~Tommy Tomzak, the seriously hot
NTSB Investigator from the south~Nick Heller, I think I’m in love with him more
 than all of the others, but even I know I’m not good enough for Nick~Mitch Rafferty~DetectiveTaggert~Gale~Peeta~Dominor~Rydan~Andrew
Mayhem, minus the “indirect” killings, I think we’re pretty much alike~
Evin Driscol~Your story is still unread, but you already have my heart~
And Oscar Martello, Yes-it’s true. Since my college drop out status
 probably knocked me out of the running for Nick Heller, I decided I should
 set my sights on you. After all, you’re supposed to be leaving
 “the business” and I figure I just might be the girl to help you find the proper
 path to goodness. Plus, I was really impressed with how you used your
ceramic hunting knife on Johnny Quinn.  I think I just might have an inner bad
 girl inside of me after you can see from all the men I've loved this year.
my favorite men of 2010~


angelabarra99 said...

That was so cute thats all I can say....

pmartin said...

Kate I read your blog and you are very clever in your designing the format of your blog and to include all your favorite male friends. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

gbeck said...

That's a lot of favorite men!! You are so creative and so fun to read.

Stephanie said...


You are such a fictional Polygamist... These men are so lucky to have you as an admirer! You have successfully intergrated your fictional world and real world into one. You really hit your stride!!!

Sabrina E. Ogden said...

Thanks so much Stephanie for seeing my talent for what it truly is...I like the title- Fictional Polygamist very much, although my family might have a word or two to say about that. But I think I'm the lucky one here, these men are too good for someone like me. I'm just a lowly book blogger from SLC lacking memories from before 1998 and praying dailly that I'm not awaken from the new life I've created for myself on this blog. Tis' such a hard life I've created. Nick today. Jack tomorrow. Evin next week and Oscar the week after that. Yes, they really are lucky, aren't they?

jchrz said...

Love the Christmas feel of your post. You just keep on getting the word our there love. Now I think I need to go read the BDB series again.

Sara said...

Love it, love it, love it! You are so creative and appreciative of so many things. I am jealous.