Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Worth Dying For by Lee Child

Imagine me crying,
Imagine me blue;
Imagine me super sad
that I am losing you.

(sniff, sniff) :'-(

I know. I know.  It's the saddest poem in the history of blogger world. But...it is a very sad day for me and it's the best I could do under such depressing circumstances. Plus, I never said I was a poet...so deal with it!

Since I'm not quite ready to part with Reacher, this is all your going to get for now. 

Oh - And I have a signed copy of Worth Dying For by Lee Child. I figure the value is close to $2500.00. Of course that is taking into consideration the following expenses of planning my vacation around Lee Child and his two book signings in New York.  It's true that I didn't have to go.  But then, if I didn't, you wouldn't have the opportunity to win this book now would you?  Expenses were:

Travel                  $796.00
Hotel                   $1337.68 (no bedbugs...totally worth the cost)
4 books               $91.54
Subway               $35.00
Food                   $50.00 (I'm only counting the cost of our meal at Carnegie Deli. After all, they did slaughter and entire cow for our two sandwiches because we weren't properly prepared for the size of the meal. Oops! I still feel kind of bad for that cow.)
Cab                     $100.00 (that was to and from the airport)
Statue of Liberty  $20.00 (and I'm talking a little statue for my desk at work)
TOTAL               $2430.22

Well, I'm hoping to find this book a loving home.  Preferably to someone that can understand the incredible pain I am going through right this very moment.  If you think you're the one...leave me a comment with a small poem in the comment section below.  I'm sure you won't have any problem besting mine.

I'll be announcing the winner on Friday (1/7/2011)! 

This is the saddest day EVER! WAAAAHHHH! :'-( I don't wanna wait for another book...I don't wanna!


Spencer said...

Sabrina, I understand your pain, except that it happened to me after 61 hours, which came out just as I was finishing up the series for me. Can you imagine the agony of having to wait the time for Worth Dying For to come out? Not knowing Reacher's fate? OMG! BTW, please don't consider me for the signed book.

Thanks for the comments on my site!


jchrz said...

I am lonely only for you, oh Jack Reacher I can’t live without out you!
I toss and turn wanting more of you. Mr Child please don’t wait, get on your next book, since I can’t wait.

pamstam said...

Grasshopper, it pains me to see you in such great lament.
I hope through my poem you will find some content.

Take solace in the idea that you have other ways to outlet.
You have Twitter and Facebook and others I’d bet.

So, don’t hang your head feeling as if you have nothing to do.
If worse comes to worse, you could always work on a file or two.


Cwestover said...

Oh my dear Katie please don't be so blue.
For I'm here in your dreams just waiting for you.
Your eyes are still worthy, your soul still complete, with qualities like that you'll never be beat.
So dab at the dribbles falling from beautiful eyes.
Because Jack Reacher is not good at good-byes.

dkn1 said...

I sent one and I thought it posted but after reading these latest entries I'm glad it didn't.
Since I already have the book I will let one of the real poets get the prize.

dkn1 said...

At Sabrina's encouragement:
Lee will never let you down
cause he's your buddy boy.
Soon he'll write another one
and you'll be full of joy.

angelabarra99 said...

A was once an apple pie,
Nice insidy
Apple Pie!

Christine said...

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
Lee Grant's eyes are a blue hue
I feel very sad, so sad for you
But look forward Sabrina/Kate and ahead
You can learn more about others instead.

Leah Anderson said...

Ode to Jack Reacher

Jack Kennedy's got nothing on him.
Jack Black's a goofy sot.
Jack the Ripper was an evil demon.
Jack Daniels hits the spot.

Jack Sparrow…he’s a HOTTIE.
Jack Palance was a stud.
My first husband was a jackass.
Jack Lemmon was a dud.

Andrew Jackson… he was fearless.
And Jack Benny made us laugh.
Jack Frost will always visit us.
Jack Dempsey had an injured calf.

Jack Nicholson may scare us.
And Jack Russels…they’re so smart!
But none will ever hope to “reach”
The place Jack R. holds in our hearts.

I’ve striven to be worthy.
I’ll continue ‘til I die.
But none will ever take his place.
My love I can’t deny.

Our husbands think we’re crazy.
They feel like they’ve been beat.
Their egos cannot take it.
They cannot take the heat!

Lee Childs! Lee Childs! Lee Childs! Lee Childs!
What have you gone and done?
No other man will ever beat
This fantasy which you’ve begun.

Jack Reacher.
Heavy sigh.

The Dickerson Six said...

I never read, I don’t have time.
But Sabrina’s reviews are so sublime.

I find myself just wanting more.
I can’t wait to see what’s next in store.

I’ll make the time, I could, I would!
The time alone would be so good.

This is something I really need.
If only I had a good book to read!!! (sigh…)

gbeck said...

Dear Kate:

You are the definitive teacher
On all things related to Reacher

For an exciting new year
I now have a solution
Reading of all Lee's books
about Reacher is my Resolution.

Remember--I warned you I could not write a poem, but I had to try.

Sara said...

Please don’t feel sad,
Please don’t feel blue.
There will always be
A little Reacher in you.

You’ll see him next time
You have nothing to fear;
You can read “The Affair”
In the fall of this year.

Your blog is so witty
When you write of your cop.
It would be such a pity
If you had to stop.

So, that’s all for now,
I’ll see you next time.
Thank you for listening
To this little rhyme.

rbruner said...

Let's all be happy, not singin' the blues; Lookin forward to more of Kate's book reviews; the stories are great, and the authors...the best! Fun, entertaining, can't wait for the rest! carry on.........:)