Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sabrina's Scary Christmas

I had a dream that I was running through a forest being chased by 
two black cats with big green eyes. 
They were also wearing scarfs and singing music from 
The Nightmare Before Christmas. 
I remember when my spouse took me to see this movie. I really didn't
want to go. I mean, it really didn't look like it would be something I 
would enjoy. But my brother-in-law really seemed to like it, and he 
promised us that we would love it. So, we went...
 and totally fell in love with it. And what's not to love? 
It's the perfect holiday movie filled with evil and goodness and 
music and dancing and ROMANCE!  

Well, anyway, when I woke up in the morning I was reminded of 
the Halloween anthology, 
Deadly Treats: Halloween Tales of Mystery, Magic, and Mayhem.
Then I thought... since I didn't get around to talking about this anthology in October like I had planned to do, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to have a few posts spotlighting this anthology in December.  

And this is exactly what I plan to do!

 You know, this isn't the first time a dream has led me to do something 
crazy on this blog. And the fact that I'm typing this post doped up on hydrocodone has absolutely nothing to do with this idea. Okay, maybe it does a little. But if I were being honest... the real reason behind this crazy post is because I found that photo of the Pumpkin King dressed as 
Santa Claus and I really, really, really wanted to use it.  Plus, right now, as I'm 
typing this post, this idea really sounds kind of fun. 

So, over the next few weeks I'll be posting some short reviews about the stories contained in Deadly Treats: Halloween Tales of Mystery, Magic, and Mayhem, and together we can bask in the glory of all things creepy, magical, deadly, and ghostly... I can't think of a better way to ring in the Christmas Spirit. Can you?



jchrz said...

I think it sounds like a wonderful idea. If I had my way we would have Halloween every month, I love it! I happpen to think that Halloween is right up there with Christmas and your blog post will be wonderful as alway. You can pull anything off!

Ginger said...

Love the post--it made me laugh on Monday morning which is always really needed. Looking forward to the Halloween story posts for the next few weeks to lighten up the holiday stress.

Christine H. said...

In a dream don’t you just HATE being chased, almost caught, but never actually!!! Waking up in a sweat, thinking that someone is coming through the door to get you!!! SCARY, just like your blogs and stories upcoming in the next short while.