Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to my Favorite Men of 2011

wishing all of
my favorite male
fictional characters a
~The Black Dagger Brotherhood-The
Blind King~Vishous~Rhage~Butch~Rehvenge~Quinn~
Zhadist~John Matthew~Blaylock~Lassiter~Murhder~
Tohrment~Phury, the men that named me Kate~Jack Reacher
seriously, your blue eyes will forever haunt me~Lestat~Marrius~Tarquinn
Blackwood, some of my favorite men from The VampireChronicles~
David Trevellyan, okay-so he’s more like a brother to me, but my life 
wouldn't be the same w/out him~Moses McGuire, this kick-ass 
Viking had me pole dancing in my dreams~Nick Valentine, my friends 
said you wouldn't steal my heart... they were wrong~Dan O'Shea, nice 
to have you grace my tree, buddy~Coburn, a blood loving vampire with 
a soft heart~my favorite cowboys Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles
Bull Ingram~Mick Thooft~Charlie Hardie~Jack Winter, the hottest 
crow-mage around~Joe Sunday, so your book doesn't drop until 2012. 
I've seen the cover and I'm predicting some sort of crush. And 
  Oscar Martello, my favorite man. You're still bad... and I'm still in love.
my favorite men of 2011~


McDroll said...

Oh honestly!...and Moses is mine 'cause I saw him first...remember that Kate!

One flaw in your little Christmas tree sister...Dan O'Shea ISN'T a fictional character...take that!

Watch it,


Elizabeth said...

Wow. Dan's family's going to be very shocked to learn he's a fictional character.

Sabrina E. Ogden said...

Wow! How easily you two forget... Hate to break it to both of you, but Dan O'Shea is a fictional character in the incredibly kick-ass debut novel, Frank Sinatra in a Blender by the incredibly talented.... Mathew J. McBride. Take that, ladies!