Friday, September 23, 2011

Turning Series by Dawn Kirby


              “You could leave,” Matt said to Alana. “Take the money Mom and Dad left us and leave. Go somewhere far away. Change your name. Do whatever you need to.”

               “Matt, that’s not gonna work,” Carly said. “He’ll find her no matter where she goes. She could run around the world and he’d still find her.”

Thomas may be dead, but now they were facing a young vampire without a maker there to reel him in. The fact that Ben had been able to kill him despite his age spoke volumes. This guy was more dangerous than five vampires put together.

“There’s gotta be somewhere,” he said, pacing the floor. His eyes fell on Nicholas. Anger welled up inside him. “You just couldn’t leave it alone. You had to go and stir the pot that much more, didn’t you?” He stepped up, his face mere inches away. “You know what I think? I think you want her trapped in here every night. I think you want her scared.”

“Matt don’t,” Alana said, pulling him away.

“Don’t what? He said himself he wants you. What if this is just some sorry attempt to get you?”

“He doesn’t need to make an attempt,” Carly told him. Her hand was on Alana’s.

Alana yanked her hand from Carly’s grasp and stepped in between them. “I know why he did what he did. I don’t like it, but I do understand it.”

“What’s to understand? And what the hell is she talking about? Are you falling for this guy?” Alana’s eyes found the floor. She couldn’t look at him. “Lana, have you lost your damn mind? He’s a vampire.  A vampire!”

“I know exactly what he is,” she said. She turned to look at Nicholas. He gave her a reassuring nod, but didn’t say anything. “And no, I don’t know exactly what I feel for him. What I do know is he is the only one who knows how to help right now.”

“Brilliant since he’s the one who started this whole thing,” Matt mumbled. “How do we know this wasn’t the plan all along?”

“Do you honestly think, knowing my initial intentions that I would sacrifice whatever feelings she may have by killing or having ordered the killing of her dear friend?” Nicholas walked to the window, Alana trailing behind him and looked out into the courtyard. Sure enough Ben was there. “That man is the man you should be afraid of. He feels no remorse. Has no sense of right and wrong. He will kill us all if we don’t put our heads together and think.”

“Bullshit! All we need is a sharp stake and a diversion.” A sudden movement knocked him off kilter. Before he fell, Nicholas grabbed his shoulder. “What the hell, man?”

“You’ll need more than a diversion,” Nicholas said.

“Okay,” Matt said throwing up his hands. “You made your point. Now tell me how you plan on getting my sister out of this.”

“Bait,” Alana said softly. All heads turned to look at her. “It’s the only way. If I can keep his attention long enough Nicholas can do whatever he needs to do to take him out.”

“Not a chance, sis. I’m not letting you anywhere near that guy.”

“It’s not your decision,” she told him.

Nicholas looked at Carly and made a motion towards the window. She closed her eyes and forced her way into Ben’s subconscious while Nicholas prodded his mind. Before he said a word he needed to know Alana would be safe. 

“Lana, he’s not the same as he used to be. Christ! This time he has fangs…Fangs!! Does that not scare you?”

“More than you know, but you and I both know nobody else can do this.”

Carly’s eyes flew open. She nodded her head vigorously and smiled. Nicholas thanked her with a quick bow of his head and turned to face Alana. If she was gonna do this it would have to be his way. And it would have to be far away from here.

“Thoughts of you distract him. We can use that to our advantage.” Matt tried to speak, but Carly’s hand over his mouth quickly shut him up. “There will be rules. Rules I expect you to follow.”


“The first is this. Do not let him in your head. If he does the plan will come unraveled before it begins. The second. Do not let him close to you. I fear the mere smell of your skin will incite him. The third. Never take your eyes off his. The longer you hold his attention the better our chances.”

“Anymore?” she asked.

“Just one.” His lips played gently against hers as he took her soft hands in his. “I cannot live life wandering anymore. I beg of you please, end my misery.”  

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