Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Deadly Sins by Kylie Brant

When a federal judge is gunned down at the flower stand outside his office after a late night of writing motions, his widow looks to good friend and private consult extraordinaire, Adam Raiker,  to solve the crime.  Using her connections in DC, she is able to secure Adam a spot with the FBI team working the case.

Coming together to solve the crime are former colleagues, and ex-lovers working long days to find  a serial killer targeting high-profile individuals in the DC area leaving calling cards referring to the Deadly Sins at the crime scene. Trying to break the case and deal with personal emotions and romance could prove difficult for most, but Adam Raiker and Jaid Marlowe manage to do both quite nicely. While never losing focus on the case, Adam and Jaid manage to deal with past relationship issues and rekindle that spark that was never really extinguished.  And just when they think they are one step closer to finding the killer and moving on with a new chapter in their lives, an unexpected and surprise killing leads all the evidence pointing at Adam Raiker as the suspect

This is the first book I've read in The Mindhunter Series, and even though it was obvious that I had missed information on so many of the key characters in this book, Kylie Brant manages to recall the past history in a way that never left me feeling confused or overwhelmed by the back-story. The tension between Adam and Jaid is such that you can feel the tension when reading about their past, yet feel the excitement as they reconnect and give hope to all couples looking for a second chance.

Although knowing the back-story between all of the characters would have been beneficial, the character develop was such that I felt like I knew enough about the characters to not be distracted about not knowing all of the history.  Deadly Sins is a highly entertaining read and I look forward to reading all the books in The Mindhunter Series.

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Christine H. said...

This is more “up my alley”, more mysterious. Something I am interested in currently. Thank you for reviewing this book for us. It is always good to hear your thoughts and opinions. Your imagination is awesome. Thanks for sharing this book. Keep up the good work.