Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I was playing with my purchase order and trying to figure out how comes up with their shipping costs when my hubby interrupted me so I could talk with the Comcast girl that came knockin' on our door. Instead of just walking away I decided to just finish through the last remaining steps... checked the shipping box I was willing to pay for... entered the discount code... placed the order.  Nothing unusual, really. 

Then I went upstairs to chat with Ms. Comcast.  While she was on the phone talking to her people, my husband gets a phone call from some company wanting to do an unscheduled phone interview to discuss a job application and leaves the room. 

I'm stuck. No place to go. No where to hide. Just me and Ms. Comcast and two dogs fighting over their rawhide bones. 

Thirty minutes later and I'm sitting at the table listening to the sounds of Ms. Comcast chatting away with her network of people on her cell phone and my husband on his cell phone in the master bedroom tripping over every word because he's not prepared for a phone interview with some super secret spy plane company at seven in the evening with no warning.

And what am I doing?  I'm at the kitchen table trying to remember if I had changed the number of copies of NEEDLE I was going to order when I decided to play around with their shipping costs.

That's when I get an email to my phone. is sending me a copy of my purchase order and...

The discount code worked.

The shipping didn't cost as much as I thought it would.

I have 9 copies of NEEDLE coming to me, which means...


Send your addresses to  I went with the slowest shipping date possible for the cheapest rate... (thank goodness). As soon as these puppies land in my hot little hands, they'll be shipped back out to you. 

But... shhhhhhhhh! This little screw up is our little secret, k?

You got to love Ms. Comcast tonight!


nigel p bird said...

the cost to get them overseas is colossal, but then they are a premium magazine...
lucky folk out there, you'll be blessed with hatfuls of great fiction.

Julie said...

You mean me too???

Sabrina E. Ogden said...

Uh, yeah! That included you too, Julie! Squeeeee! I have so many Julie's that follow my blog that I didn't even think to see if it was you. Me soooo happy! Send me your address!