Sunday, June 12, 2011

Click x 6 and A Little Extra

Another week and six more clicks have landed me with some pretty good deals on my Kindle.

FREE  L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories by Rockstar Games

$3.99  Dust Devils by Roger Smith

$2.99  The Fixer: A Lawson Vampire Novel 1 by John F. Merz

$2.99  Follow the Money by Fingers Murphy

$0.99  Street Raised by Pearce Hansen

$0.99  Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles by Edward A. Grainger

In other news:

A twitter friend of mine, Anthony Schiavino, is giving us access to his incredibly cool comic SERGEANT ZERO for FREE!

JOSEPH SINCLAIR, a soldier top-of-his-class, is approached by R.A.D.I.O. (Research And Defense Initiative Organization) just before WWII to take part in a top-secret government program. One that will prepare America for what is about to come, and her last hope in the ‘ZERO HOUR.’ Over the course of months, through draconian surgery and previously failed experimentation, Joe is transformed and given a code name for the masses: SERGEANT ZERO.

Scenes from Reigning Fire

He sees action for the first time in the Black Forest, Germany. His unit, complete with photographer for propaganda initiatives (pulps, slicks, and celluloid), goes over the border from southern France, to a small town in the heart of the forest where they find Krieger Keep. Intelligence believes this to be a place of interest to Hitler. What they find, however, is something more sinister than any tangible artifact: a gateway into a Lovecraftian world.

Flash forward ten years. Joe wakes from night tremors in his downtown tenement. Memories of his tour twisted and different somehow, not at all what he experienced.

It could be the post traumatic stress.

It could be something more.

SERGEANT ZERO has all but faded from the public’s memory.

Coming back from the war, he’s vowed to never again pick up a gun. Even to protect himself. But the headlines read of rape and murder throughout the Lower East End, and when young newspaper girl Elizabeth Parker is threatened by a serial killer, Joe must break his vow.

His soul be damned.

You can find out more about Anthony Schiavino and SERGEANT ZERO HERE! There's even a really cool video you can watch! Oh, and before I forget... Anthony is CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR AN ARTIST. INTERESTED?


McDroll said...

Great choice of books Sabrina.
My list this week is:
A World I Never Made by James Lapore

Shaken - Stories from Japan

Collateral Damage - A Do Some Damage Collection

Storm Rising - Kenneth Hoss

Sabrina E. Ogden said...

EEEEEEK! You're reading Collateral Damage? So jealous! I can't wait for the release. Love you, Fiona.

nigel p bird said...

my ebooks? I'm also up with

Shaken - stories for Japan.

I also bought 3 real books, a Moe Prager (Reed Farrel Coleman), a Mark Billingham (from the school fair) and Mammoth's Best British Crime Stories (for a friend).

I read The James Deans, finished Vault and started The Bastard Hand (and what a start that is).

Have a good rest of Sunday,