Sunday, June 5, 2011

Click x 5

I might have been home sick with a fever on May 31, 2011, but that didn't stop me from downloading Matthew J. McBride's debut novel, Frank Sinatra in a Blender.  That afternoon, as I lay in bed dying from the worst case of whatever it was I was suffering from, I checked my twitter feed and stumbled across a tweet letting the world know that it was available for purchase a day early. And as you have probably guessed... I couldn't resist the urge to click the button. I started the book a few minutes later and finished reading just before 10pm.  It was the greatest sick day ever! Truly. And before you even ask... Yes. There will be a review!

This is what I snagged last week for my Kindle.

$7.77 The price may be more than what you might be willing to pay for an e-book, but I promise you it is worth every penny. Every. Penny.

One Too Many Blows to the Head by Eric Beetner and JB Kohl -
On sale for $0.99!

On sale for $0.99!

Only $0.99


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