Friday, January 13, 2012

Turning by Dawn Kirby

Lock Up

Carly leaned against the heavy door, listening to the voices on the other side. So far they’d kept her and Matt locked up, but she knew sooner or later they’d be separated. That’s when the real danger comes into play.
“Anything new?”  Matt asked, whispering as softly as he possibly could.
Carly shook her head and collapsed on the bed beside him. She looked at him and smiled weakly. He’d taken the news of werewolves being real so easily, she really hated to tell him why they’d both been brought here. Ben’s involvement was a given. The weres motives however would make no sense to him at all. They barely made sense to her.
“I hope Nicholas has a solid plan,” he said lacing his fingers through hers. “I don’t know about you, but bait is the last thing I wanna be.”
“No, it’s not a good position to be in,” she said. “I just hope Nicholas handles this whole situation as tactfully as possible. These guys aren’t in the mood for dramatics.”
“Seems to me violence is the only thing they’re in the mood for.” He rubbed the knot on the back of his head. One of them had kicked him while he was out. Another had planted a fist in Carly’s gut.
“They’re desperate.” He raised an eyebrow and snorted. She sighed and turned to face him. Better to get it out now than wait. “Listen to me, Matt. They never wanted you. The only reason they agreed to take you was so they could have me.”
“I don’t follow.”
“Obviously Ben wants you to get to Alana. But why take me, too?”
“To sweeten the pot?”
“Hardly,” she mumbled. “Alana may like me, but not enough to fight for me. Not yet.”
“You’re wrong, but for argument’s sake we’ll say you’re not. Why’d they bring you here with me?”
“Payment?” Matt glanced at the door and back at her. “Last I checked people aren’t currency.”
“They are when they can see the future,” she clarified. “I may not be able to read the people they need to know about right now, but it doesn’t matter. The fact that I can is enough.”
“Why would you need to? Do they even have any natural enemies?”
“Of course they do. They have all kinds just like any other creature. In this case, it’s a rival pack. They don’t want to lose. I’m the only one who can tell them whether they will or not.”
“Tell them their great,” he said, standing up abruptly. He began to pace the floor furiously. “It’s not like they’ll know the difference anyway.”
“It doesn’t work that way.” Carly rubbed her temples, preparing to try to explain her gift. “I don’t read that way. I see what’s in the immediate future. Actions, circumstances, anything can change what I see at any time. What may be predicted one day may not be possible the next. Whether they know this or not, I don’t know. But I’m not willing to knowingly tangle with edgy werewolves. It’s neither safe nor smart.”
“What about Nicholas? Can’t he just whisk us out of here the way he did Alana?”
“He could,” she said lowering her head. He wasn’t going to like the rest of her answer. “But why would he? He has who he wants. She’s right there with him; safe. All he has to do is make her believe we are too.”
“Wait. No way he’d do that.” Matt shook his head and dropped to his knees to look at Carly. The truth was always in her eyes.
She looked back at him. “He would, Matt. They don’t get this old by sticking their necks out for people.”
“Then we have to do something,” he growled. Carly’s eyes said more than just that. There was more he couldn’t read yet. “What else aren’t you telling me?”
“Nothing you don’t already know.”
“He’s gonna try to turn her now, isn’t he?” He stood up and hit the wall; hard. his knuckles started to bleed. “Dammit!!”
“Alana won’t let him,” she assured him. “Nicholas will try to persuade her, but she wants life. Real life.”

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Sabrina E. Ogden said...

I think Alana will change her mind... love makes us do all kinds of crazy things!