Thursday, January 12, 2012

Short Stories and Stuff

I'm probably the only girl in the world that can't figure out how to sign in to a website. I signed up to read 365 short stories this year, one every single day throughout 2012.  I'm actually off to a good start, but I'm supposed to be logging my reads over at this website... It's a great place to find short stories published online and in short story collections and anthologies. I suggest you check it out.

Speaking of short story collections...

Last year I accumulated a ton of short story collections and anthologies for my Kindle, but with the way  my reading schedule was set up I didn't have a chance to get to as many as I had hoped. So... I'll be reading them this year and logging my short story reads on my blog... and at the shortsory365 website once I figure out how to get inside.  For now, you can find my list of short story reads at the Short Story 365 link above. If I've read the story online I'll make sure to link it so you can have access to it.

I started the year off by reading A Portrait by Jerry Bloomfield. You can read that >>>>>> HERE!

Now, I'm making my way through Pulp Modern - Autumn 2011. Excellent, excellent stuff.

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Chris Rhatigan said...

I had a little trouble figuring out SS365, but when I did it's actually really easy. You just go to the bottom of the page. In the center there's a list of a bunch of things and one of them is Log In. From there you can write your posts.

I, too, was unable to keep up with all my reading in 2011. But I did read lot!