Monday, October 10, 2011

Primal Law by J.D. Tyler

Some of her fear began to ease and she wondered how well trained the animal was. Maybe he was someone's guard dog that got lost? He'd certainly protected her from those bastards. "Roll over."

At that the creatures' form began to waver. Sort of reshape. She blinked rapidly, thinking there must be something wrong with her vision. But no, she was simply losing her mind after all, because fur retracted, became skin... 

And now a black-haired man crouched where the wolf had been seconds ago. A big, very naked man who unfolded his tall body and gazed down at her, one corner of his mouth quirking upward.

"I'll do a lot of things on command," he drawled lazily. "But I don't roll over for anyone, sweetheart."

Meet Jaxon Law, a former Navy Seal turned wolf shifter and member of the elite Alpha Pack.

After a mission in Afghanistan left Jaxon permanently injured, half his team dead, and the rest turned into wolf shifters, Jaxon and the remaining members create a top-secret, elite squad tasked with seeking out and eliminating the most lethal predators in the world. This elite Navy Seal team already had psy abilities before their mission, and now, working with their new shifting powers, they’ve become all kinds of deadly.

On break in Las Vegas, the team members find themselves coming to the rescue of Kira Locke, a lab assistant in the process of being taken down by her employer after she has been caught stealing documents from the lab.  Having seen Jaxon in wolf form, she ends up going with the Alpha Pack to their compound where her own "gifts" land her a job on the team working with those captured and in custody in Block R.

It doesn't take long for a bond to form between Kira and Jaxon. And that bond is tested as the members of the Alpha Pack go on the hunt for the people responsible for tracking down and experimenting on other humans with psy abilities. Will Jaxon overcome his fear of falling in love and mating? Will Kira choose Pack life over the life she used to know? Or will the killers they seek destroy any need for decisions to be made?

J.D. Tyler is on the right track with this first book in the Alpha Pack series. The characters are likable, the story line is riveting, and the sexual tension between the two main characters never seems forced or out of place. In fact, I loved the characters so much I was thrilled when I found an entire link about the Alpha Pack members on the author's website. It's like the Alpha Pack meets X-Men and the Black Dagger Brotherhood with a little bit of time-bending magic thrown in.

*This review was first published at The Season

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