Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Happens When I Sleep...

I've never really been disappointed in my dreams. Most of the time they are a mixture of all the things I've been reading about and thinking about and talking about. Most of them are related to books I've recently read, or stories that I've recently encountered. When I like something I've read it resonates with me; stays with me a little while. Lingers. And then there are times when more than one book or character pop up in a dream, and even without a word being spoken I know what's being referenced.

For instance last night I had a dream wherein...

I was dressed in an Elizabethan dress that seemed two sizes to small for my breasts, and in my hands I held a book.  Bound in leather, the pages contained a graphic novel... outlining in specific detail the story that I read last week about a vampire named, Lillian.

So what the heck did I read???

I read a short story last week written by Stephen Blackmoore. Just a short story... it wasn't a graphic novel.  Stephen said he shared it so that we could get an idea of how he world builds... I asked some questions. He answered. But I'll be honest with you, I still have more questions. Why is there a hierarchy in this vampire world? Why isn't the hierarchy taking care of their own? Where will Lillian go? How will she continue to fight them so she can stay alive? Who the heck is the hierarchy and why won't Brady die???   Lillian was the feature of the graphic novel I was reading.  She was powerful. She was badass. She was everything I could never be. You can find the story -----> HERE. You should read it... And you should mark his website and check back frequently. The guy's got the goods. 

So what's up with the Elizabethan dress?

My favorite man, Dan O'Shea, is writing an Elizabethan Noir novel on his website. ROTTEN AT THE HEART is being written one chapter a day on his blog. And what the heck is this about?  It's a murder mystery set in Elizabethan times...  Lord Chamberlain has been found dead, and his son, suspecting a murder has taken place, pretty much forces Shakespeare (yes, William Shakespeare) to find the culprit. And how will Shakespeare do this?   By claiming he's gathering information so he can write a play in honor of Lord Chamberlain's death. I call this novel-in-the-making my... daily dose of delight.  It really is amazing and I would encourage you to mark his a page and read along with me.  You can find it -----> HERE.

So this is what I've been reading... and of course, dreaming about this week. Enjoy.

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