Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Name Is Death by Alan Cass

One of the things I've enjoyed  most about this little blog is the opportunity I have had to spotlight authors and their books.  The book I'm going to share with you tonight was just released today!  The author is a writer I met through Twitter.  I might not tweet very often, but I do follow some pretty amazing people and some of them have in turn followed me.  Alan Cass is one of them.  I knew when I first saw a tweet about his book that I would be interested.  The title alone is intriguing.  And some of the comments he posted on his Facebook page made me even more curious.  All the sights, sounds, and even smells from our past really do have a way of transporting us back in time.  I can't wait to read this book, and like Alan wrote today on his Facebook page, "meet Brandon Rose." 

I'm wishing you the best Alan. Enjoy your launch party!

About the book:

Time travel’s a myth?

So you have never heard a song that didn’t instantly rewind the fabric of your mind by ten years? A song on your car radio that just happens to be the first song you made ‘our’ song with your precious departed wife? A song so deeply rooted in your heart that life simply wouldn't be the same without it. Just close your eyes and you’re there, the warm afternoon sun shining on your face, the butterflies in your stomach as you uttered those immortal words. . . . Will you marry me? How beautiful she looked as you held her hands in yours, and seconds seemed like hours as she drew breath and said ‘yes.’

About the Author:
Alan was born into a working class family in Liverpool. He originally had the idea for this book fifteen years ago but put it to one side to continue his journey through life and develop the idea further. Alan has captured many elements of the human condition and fused them with both joy and rage. The result of which is his breathtaking first novel. It makes you laugh, cry and realize life is for living. Being a creative person it was always his dream to bring his idea to any like minded individuals and to those who share his passion for creation.
If you are interested in purchasing a copy you can do so by visiting the following link:


Sara said...

It sounds like an excellent book! I have always wondered why certain smells and sounds trigger certain memories of the past. I think that the workings of the mind are very intriguing. Thank you for sharing, Sabrina/Kate :)

Leah Anderson said...

I met Alan via Twitter, also, and after checking out his facebook page and twittering back and forth with him a few times, I knew that I had discovered a like-minded soul! He's got pictures of cemeteries all over his facebook page...does it get any better than that? Anyways...I can't wait to get his book (Yay! It's payday today and as soon as I get my new debit card-since some freak fraudulently used my number and stole money from my bank account)I'm getting it. Anybody who's into cemeteries that much is a friend of mine!

Christine said...

Sabrina/Kate advised me my comment didn't get posted, so here goes AGAIN!!

Another English author - good for you! Shows quality and class!!!! Mr. Alan Cass is from Liverpool, also known as a Liverpudlian.

His book sounds like a "must read" book so I will definitelyplace on my list of "books to purchase." Nothing like a good mystery and especially when it involves "smells" which bring memories back alive. I remember pink Camay hand soap. I used it on a holiday down in Brighton. I stop by the soap section at the stores to see if they have that brand. if they do, I stop and smell the(daisies)Camay pink soap....Mmmmmmm memories. I definitely intend to find out why Alan Cass has an interest in smells.

jchrz said...

and it begins, here I go again to Amazon to see if I can find the book for the Kindle. My Name is Death will be great company on the plane to, OK. Thanks Brina for turning us on to Alan Cass' new book. I am sure I will love it and I will let you all know how much when I return.