Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spinetingler Awards

I know I should have done this earlier this month, but...

I wanted to take a minute to personally thank Spinetingler Magazine for nominating My Friends Call Me Kate along with some other great websites for the David Thompson Community Leader Award.

Other nominees:
My Little Corner (Sandra Seamans)
Musingsof an All Purpose Monkey (Elizabeth White)
pattinase (Patti Abbott)
Psycho-Noir (Heath Lowrance)
ThePsychopathology of Everyday Life (Adrian McKinty)
Dead End Follies (Benoit Lelievre)

I never had the opportunity to meet David Thompson, but I hear about him regularly from people on twitter.  His love for crime fiction and the crime fiction community is legendary, and his life was an example of untiring service to those around him. To be nominated for this award is very humbling.

Also, SHOTGUN HONEY along with some really awesome magazines has been nominated for Best Zine! Great work Kent, Ron, and Chad!

Other nominees:
Beat to a Pulp
Crime factory
Noir Nation
Pulp Modern

You can find a complete list of awards and nominations at Spinetingler Magazine. Voting will be open until the end of April and the winners will be announced May 1st.


Elizabeth said...

Proud to be rubbing elbows with you and the other fine folks nominated. :-)

Sabrina E. Ogden said...

I don't know how I landed on that list, Elizabeth, but I'm proud to be listed with you and the others.

You got my vote! Three times!