Sunday, March 13, 2011


I'm interrupting my reviews today to bring you something that I discovered via Twitter. I've been following this pretty cool chick and noticed in one of her tweets that there was a production company seeking financial backing for an independent film. The title had me curious so I decided to take a look at the link she provided.

I also checked out the website and read about the project. Then I checked out Keary Cunningham to see if this guy was legitimate...he is.  Then I told myself that I really needed to do something to help move this little project along, got busy and somewhat complicated and I've pretty much been a flake.

Now...I'm ready.

Since the cost of making an independent film can add up quickly, Sleep The Film Production has set a goal to raise $2,500 by March 24, 2011.  With every pledge of $5 or more you will receive an assortment of movie items such as electronic movie downloads, dvd and blu-ray movie versions, t-shirts and much more! Also, beginning March 14, 2011 they will begin filming. Even more interesting, during the filming week (March 14th - March 19th), they'll be streaming the production live on Ustream.

You can read more about Sleep The Film on their website here.  If you are interested in backing this project click here. For now you can read  a synopsis and watch a little movie trailer that I found on their site. 


September 27, 1977 - Everglades City, Florida. Joseph “Joey” Peacock, a 28 year-old resident slacker and Sam Johnson, an aspiring 19 year-old college student are drawn to a remote island deep in the Everglades. Guided by a raggedy map drawn 20 years earlier by Sam’s deceased father, the two set out with their own hidden agendas. Only one returned.

Keary Cunningham is an independent film maker in South Florida. Having produced many reality shows, documentaries and other videos, Keary is venturing into the world of movie production, his first love.


Sara said...

It looks very interesting. I hope they can raise the money!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this.
The stuff we shot yesterday came out great (way better than my old phone camera suggests). Really beautiful setting.
Thanks again.