Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Heart Belongs to Oscar Martello

Well, it's Wednesday. A full three days into my love fest for Oscar Martello, and I can honestly say...I'm still in love with the guy. I was starting to get worried. Been a busy week. And it didn't help much that author Dave White released his Jackson Donne Collection, More Sinned Against, on Amazon this week. ($2.99-BUY IT)

Ya, I bought it. Then started to worry. I'm fickle. And it didn't help that they kept talking about this Jackson Donne guy on Twitter and how everyone was going to be "falling in love" with him. 

Geesh! I'm already in love, people. Why tempt me so?

I'm sorry. Where were we?

Oscar...Oscar Martello. The guy that has me dreaming about baseball bats and French Maid outfits...not to mention buttons and pillows. Pillows? Yes, I made a pillow. It's cute, too. It sits on the sofa in the office so I can remind myself of my love for all things Oscar.  Which leads me to today's stories.

Today I will give you links to three stories that will begin the arc for the Oscar Martello novel.

In Church Going, Oscar finds himself the caretaker of his four year old nephew, Zach, after an incident has left his parents unable to care for him.  In short, Oscar heads to church to find some answers. The second story, Uncle Oscar, is the shortest of the three and will introduce Zach's daycare provider. In the short story, Oscar and the Killer Bee's, you'll not only find Oscar driving around Shreveport in search of the people responsible for what happened to Zach's parents, but you'll find him learning how difficult it is to meet the demands of  his "work" within the time frame set by Zach's daycare provider.

Just like Monday, I'm giving away buttons to a select few that leave a comment on the blog. Today's button reads- My Heart Belongs To Oscar Martello.  I'll be back on Friday with not only another button to give away, but the first page to Oscar's novel. I can't wait to get my hands on that book. Enjoy.

Steve Weddle is an editor, short story writer, and novelist. A former English professor, he holds an MFA in creative writing from Louisiana State University and currently works for a newspaper group.  His fiction has appeared in numerous literary and crime/noir journals.  In 2009, Weddle and six crime fiction writers created DoSomeDamage, where he blogs on Mondays. In 2010, Weddle and John Hornor Jacobs created Needle: A Magazine of Noir, one of the top journals for contemporary crime fiction. He lives with his family in Virginia.

His short fiction has recently appeared at Beat To A Pulp, Crime Factory, and A Twist of Noir.


Anonymous said...

Everytime I read one of your posts I wanna go out and buy whatever book you happen to be talking about at the time. Oscar is definitely no exception...I love how excited and passionate you get!

Steve Weddle said...

Cool that you grabbed Dave's book. That fella can write. Jackson Donne stories are really fantastic.

jchrz said...

buttons, buttons, who has the buttons, I want one and I can't wait to get home so I can read the short stories. Thanks again for sharing your love with all of us. What would we read without you.

Sara said...

Very good! That he leaves his nephew with a hooker is hilarious! Can't wait to read more.

gbeck said...

It's always fun to get new reads from you. The fact that you love Oscar is very telling--there is definitely a dark side to you!!